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Adults and Elderly

adult art therapy northern ireland lisburn
elderly adult art therapy northern ireland

What can I offer for Adults and Elderly

I can offer individual or small group art therapy sessions for adults and elderly. Sessions would last 50 minutes and would include different art materials like;

 - Paint (Acrylic, watercolour and ready mixed)

- Clay (Air drying and foam)

- Pastels (Soft and oil)

- Drawing materials (pencils, pens, markers) 

- Other arts and craft materials for creating and collaging. 

Often people may feel that Art Therapy is for children and young people only however, Art Therapy can be for anyone no matter what age. You do not need any previous art background or to be 'good at art' as the work created within the art therapy sessions is not judged or used as a diagnostic tool. As with all therapies, some people may find talking therapies most beneficial while others may find other types of therapies like music therapy or play therapy most beneficial. The art created in the art therapy sessions act as a way you can express yourself. 

I have worked with adults between the ages of 18 - 36 years old in one-to-one art therapy and I have also worked with women aged 50-70 years old in a group art for wellbeing programme. The difference between group art therapy and an art for wellbeing programme, is that the art and themes are set for the art for wellbeing programme. These are created to teach people more about their mental health and ways to manage it, however it wouldn't get as deep or as far into each individual's mental wellbeing as an art therapy session would. You can read more about the art for mental health programmes below. 

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