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Arts and Crafts Birthday Parties

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What I can offer

There is a wide range of fun activities you can choose for a birthday party and this will depend on a number of factors such as:

- Ages of children participating

- Space available

- Budget

- Number of children participating

- Any other special requirements or needs e.g. diagnosis, sensory issues, allergies.

The arts and crafts birthday party can last between 1 hour and 3 hours and within this time the children will make various art products. Some of these may be object specific like making dream catchers, worry monsters, sensory bottles, stress balls, stress squishes, slime, and play dough. You can also chose to have none specific arts and crafts parties which would involve the children having free reign on what they can create but a certain art material may be available such as clay, paint, oil pastels, soft pastels, foam/air drying clay.


If you would like to discuss what options are available or talk through what might be most feasible and appropriate for your child, please get in contact.  


Example of previous parties

- A sensory and exploratory based play with a small group of children with various sensory processing needs and ASD diagnoses. I created 2 sensory based art products with the children while also having various playful stations in the same room as this allowed children who did not want to create the art products to still have fun and play in a different way. Furthermore, if something became too much for a child and needed a bit of space, they were able to retreat to those stations instead.


- A positive mental health based birthday party for 10 children  around the ages of 9 years old. Within the allocated time of 2 hours, the children created worry monsters, sensory bottles and stress balls. While making each art product, I would discuss with the children how they can use the art items to help them when they are struggling with their emotions. 

- A fidget toy birthday party for 8 children around the ages of 11. With the current craze around fidget toys, this arts and crafts birthday party was extra special as all the fidget toys were all home made. The children left with 3 stress balls, a painted stress squishy (still wet though), a sensory bottle and slime. 


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