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Children and Young People 

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What can I offer for Children and Young People

I can offer individual or small group art therapy sessions for children and young people. Sessions would last 50 minutes and would include different art materials like;

 - Paint (Acrylic, watercolour and ready mixed)

- Clay (Air drying and foam)

- Pastels (Soft and oil)

- Drawing materials (pencils, pens, markers) 

- Other arts and craft materials for creating and collaging. 

Art Therapy can be great for children and young people as they may not have the knowledge, understanding or vocabulary to verbally communicate how they are feeling and this is where the art can bridge that gap. I can work in both a directive and non-directive client led manner which will simply depend on what the client's needs and abilities are. 

I have worked with children and young people between the ages of 5-17 years old within primary schools, counselling organisations and community centres. 

For more information on group art therapy sessions, you can select here

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