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Art for Mental Health Workshops:

art for wellbeing group
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Healthy Creations

What are Healthy Creations?

Group Art Workshop
Positive mental health for kids

Healthy Creations is a title given to an art for mental health programme created for children aged between 4 - 14 years old. It is not group art therapy, instead it is quite directive and it can be tailored to meet your needs, aims or themes. I would normally run this programme for 6-8 weeks however this can be altered. The group would consist of 4-8 participants and the sessions would last 1 hour or 1.5 hours. Each Healthy Creations group is different as the group can be themed around certain things like coping techniques, learning more about your mental health and wellbeing, bullying and how to treat other people etc. It can depend on what the needs are of the participants. 

Healthy Creations can be for 4 - 14 year olds however, within the groups I would always keep the participants to be of similar ages and abilities so that the work is appropriate for all who are involved. Each week different art tools, creations and inventions are made to promote and understand mental health and wellbeing better. Additionally, new breathing techniques and grounding exercises can be taught. 

Examples of what could be made within the Healthy Creations programme:

- Calm Down Kits

- Worry Monsters

- Mood Boards 

- Coping Cards

- Thought Boxes

- Thankful Stones

- Origami Wishing Star Jars

Other Groups

Examples of other group art for mental health workshops

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I have facilitated many different art for mental health workshops for organisations such as Sally Gardens Community Centre, Resurgam Healthy Living Centre, Rutledge Training Group, ABC Council, Belfast and SE Trust and Scout groups. 

The difference between an art workshop and an art for mental health workshop is that the art workshop is just like an art class and you would be taught how to make something or build on your artistic and creative skills. The art and mental health workshops has our wellbeing as a focal point. For example, instead of painting a landscape image, we could paint positive affirmations. Instead of painting a box to simply look nice, we are creating a box that has the purpose of being a 'calm down kit' or a 'self care kit'. 

These workshops are one of a kind and are curated to meet the needs of your group. These can be for all ages. It is best to send an enquiry and I can get in touch and discuss what your needs or hopes are and Christina Art Therapy can come up with an art plan that suits. 

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