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What is a Stained Glass Window Affirmation? 

An affirmation is a short phrase or sentence that is based on positive thinking and self-empowerment. The stained glass window affect allows this affirmation to be placed on a window, so that every morning when the child/young person wakes up, they are greeted by a beautiful and colourful affirmation to start their day. 


What makes this kit special, is that instead of buying a mass factory produced positive affirmation print or drawing, the young person is getting to think about what affirmations they personally need to tell themselves and create their own image to wake up to and see every day. 


Create your own stained glass window affirmation!

Through merging art and mental health together, this stained glass window affirmation kit has everything you need (with the exception of scissors)! All art materials included in the kit are seen below and allow for complete creativity to be unleashed! 


This pack includes: 

- Step by step instructions and a youtube follow along video will be coming soon! 

- 5 variations of coloured card

- 1 pencil 

- 2 pre-cut clear adhesive sheets

- tissue paper



This box is part of Christina's Art & Mental Health Boxes Collection. These boxes are aimed to help children learn more about their mental health, their emotions and how to regulate themselves better. Each box is themed around a specific aspect of their mental health and can be done by themselves, with parents or with other family member or friends. 


Art Psychotherapist Christina, has developed and delivered dream catcher making workshops across many schools, community centres and counselling organisations, and now she has opened the opportunity for families and children at home to join in! 

Create your own Stained Glass Window Affirmation

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