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What is a Worry Monster?

You may have seen soft teddy like worry monsters with zips on their mouths, these are often seen and sold in local toy stores. Worry monsters are to help children and young people to let their worries, fears and anxiety out instead of keeping it bottled up. Even though we would love children to always communicate with us and tell us what is bothering them, they don't always want to or feel comfortable to. Instead of the child having no where or no one to speak to about their thoughts, they can write or draw them on paper and then put them into the worry monster. This art & mental health box makes the worry monster feel that bit more special as the child or young person has created it to their own liking and therefore is unique, just like them, rather than purchasing a worry monster that is mass produced.


Create your own worry monster!

Through merging art and mental health together, this worry monster kit has everything you need and more (with the exception of scissors, sellotape and a tub of water for painting)! All art materials included in the kit are seen below and allow for complete creativity to be unleashed! 


Step-by-step Instructions

You can either follow the printed instructions within the kit or follow along with Christina on her YouTube step-by-step video, including a break down of how to use the Worry Monster for the child's worries. 


Art Psychotherapist Christina, has developed and delivered worry monster making workshops across many primary schools, community centres and counselling organisations, and now she has opened the opportunity for families and children at home to join in! 


This box is part of Christina's Art & Mental Health Boxes Collection. These boxes are aimed to help children learn more about their mental health, their emotions and how to regulate themselves better. Each box is themed around a specific aspect of their mental health and can be done by themselves, with parents or with other family member or friends. 


Materials included in this box: 

White Cube Box, Pipe Cleaners, Shredded Tissue Paper, Paint, Paint Brushes, Gem Stones, Markers, Googley Eyes, Sticker Eyes, Tissue Paper, PVA Glue 


**I recommend that if a child does use the worry monster, to respect their privacy and unless they tell you about their worries, or invite you to look at them, please do not have a sneak peak, as this can break the trust the young person has with you** 

Create Your Own Worry Monster

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