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What is a Stress Squishy? 

A stress squishy is a bit like a stress ball, however, you have more freedom to create whatever you'd like! You can use the stress squishy not only when you're stressed, but also angry, annoyed, upset, happy, bored, sad and many other emotions.


Children and young people love fidget toys, which can be a great way for them to help regulate themselves, however, what is special about this is, they get to create their own! Instead of buying fidget toys that are mass produced in a factory and aren't unique, this will be EXTRA special to them because they have put the time and effort in to create their stress squishy! 


Create your own stress squishy!

Through merging art and mental health together, this stress squishy kit has everything you need (with the exception of a tub of water for painting and scissors)! All art materials included in the kit are seen below and allow for complete creativity to be unleashed! 


This pack includes: 

- Step by step instructions and a youtube follow along video will be coming soon! 

- Fabric paint

- Paint palette

- 2 paint brushes

- Stress squishy foam

- 1 pencil 


This box is part of Christina's Art & Mental Health Boxes Collection. These boxes are aimed to help children learn more about their mental health, their emotions and how to regulate themselves better. Each box is themed around a specific aspect of their mental health and can be done by themselves, with parents or with other family member or friends. 


Art Psychotherapist Christina, has developed and delivered stress squishy making workshops across many schools, community centres and counselling organisations, and now she has opened the opportunity for families and children at home to join in! 

Create your own Stress Squishy

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